How To Reset An App

Here, we show you how to reset an Amazon Echo. There are two ways to reset an Echo: either through the Alexa smartphone app, or on the device itself. This handy guide walks you through the process.

The headset will take a few moments to reset. Once it does, you’ll be able to set it up again using the Oculus app. 2. Select the headset paired with your phone. 3. Tap “More Settings,” and then hit.

You can still tap on an app’s name or the space where the icon should be to launch it, but you’re going to have to get a little more creative to restore the icon. As Android Authority reports, you can.

Below, we’ll not only tell you how to back up Apple Watch, but also exactly what’s carried over when you restore. 5. Once you’ve backed up the iPhone, the latest settings and data on your Apple Watch.

Restore Google Chrome Tabs Each time you open a new tab page on Google Chrome, 8 tiles representing your most viewed pages will be displayed. For some users this new feature represent a serious privacy issue as tiles can. Chrome Extensions New Tab the new Microsoft Edge supports all the same extensions as Google Chrome, so you won’t be

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A factory reset restores your smartphone to its original state, the way it was before you pulled it out of the box. In the process, all of your personal data is wiped from the handset, including your.

iPads have a tendency to misbehave and slow down if you install too many apps. Fortunately, Apple allows users to reset their devices to their original factory settings, allowing you to enjoy your.

Facebook negotiating with Apple to restore enterprise apps after abuse, Google accused of using similar tactics to collect user data [U] – Hot on the heels of Apple blocking Facebook from being able to use its internal iOS apps, Google has also been accused of a similar act, sidestepping the App Store to have users download a certificate.

Copy data to your PC, save it on the cloud or transfer it to another phone. Factory reset deletes everything from the device, including contacts, messages, apps, and photos. Make sure you have.