Google Pixel Headphone Adapter

The NEW Google Pixel Headphone Dongle: Pay More, Get LessGoogle releases a new USB-C headphone adapter that costs more and offers lower latency – Physically, the new adapter is a bit lighter, thinner, and even smaller than the outgoing model that shipped with the Pixel 2.

When Google first listed its headphone adapter last year, the.

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or you’ll need to purchase your own adapter or USB-C connected headphones to use with the Google Pixel 4 range.

In fact, the Pixel 2 shipped with a USB-C headphone jack adapter that looks mighty similar to Apple’s own pack-in dongle. At first, Google charged a stunning $20 for the adapter on its own.

Google’s gone to war with Apple with a single accessory, one dongle that connects the past to the future: the headphone jack adapter. This dongle connects to the Pixel 2’s USB-C port on one.

It’s more than twice as expensive as the $9 Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter from Apple.

There was not a mention of the lack of a headphone jack on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL today, but you.

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Yet if I were to upgrade to Google’s new Pixel 2 smartphone.

the reasoning that you could use an adapter to enable your current headphones with the Pixel 2. It’s rare that users want.

Google Photos backups on the original Pixel phones aren’t going anywhere.

Number one: it has lowered the price of its USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter on the Google Store from $20.

Google Pixel 2 headphone adapter gets price cut to match Apple – If buyers want to use their old 3.5mm jack headphones on such a device, they’ll need to fork out for a $9 adapter. Google followed Apple’s suit with the new Google Pixel 2, which was launched.